We give Studios the opportunity to benefit from JustNails discounts.

The framework conditions of a studio partner contract are as follows:

The studio is contractually bound to work exclusively with products of JustNails for 1 year and to advertise and has the possibility to include the partner logo on all publicly made photos in which the products have been used by JustNails. As a studio partner you get 15% for all Products. You have to advertised for JustNails - whether with logo on the pictures (logo they receive after the contract) or mention of the products you had used in the description of the pictures.

The contractor has the possibility to extend the contract on the same terms after 1 year.
JustNails selects suitable studios from all applicants for the company and there are only a limited number of places.
Talk to us if you do not have active social media sites but still want to become a studio partner. Of course, we also include homestudio in our program.

• Active Social Media Profiles (Instagram, Facebook)
• Monthly minimum order quantity at JustNails of 100 €
• Monthly minimum sales by customers of> 1500 €

Apply by mail to: info@justnails-shop.de

Application Template:

Hereby I apply as studio partner at JustNails. I fulfill all requirements with my studio and "I already work with JustNails products / do not work with JustNails products yet".

Name of the studio:
Name of the owner:
Social Media Links: http//: ....
Studio Address: